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Well that escalated quickly. . .

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Like most people I was very excited for 2020, new decade, new year, blah blah blah. . .

I was fortunate to be able to see my brother and his sweet family in WA in January and my Aunt and Uncle in AZ in early March just prior to the world coming to a screeching halt (at least in the travel realm).

Unusual for me, I had not made any further travel plans for the year. I HAD intended to do something 'big' like travel to Europe and/or somewhere tropical. Well. . . as they say about the 'best laid plans'. Those plans are on hold right now along with those of the rest of the world.

We shift, we are good at shifting, us funny little humans. We absorb, we learn, we move forward. How will we change? We realize that our expectations of what tomorrow will bring in the world are mere illusion. And while we can't truly and wholly live like there is no tomorrow every day (I'd become broke and very fluffy) perhaps realizing that we don't have 'forever' would be a good start.

I turn 50 (50!!) in October of this year and that, in addition to ya know. . . .the pandemic, has helped me to put some pressure on myself to lock up some projects and set firmer deadlines for myself. What do I want to look back on at the end of my life? What do I want my purpose here to be? Am I living my purpose? If not, when will I? There has been no better time in our lifetimes to sit back a moment, mask in place, and dwell on the answers to these questions.

Ask yourself. What is the ONE thing you most want to accomplish/achieve this year? For me, it's finishing a novel I began 6 years ago. (Procrastinate much??)

Much love and all the health,


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