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Level Up Your Bucket List

When was the last time you took a good hard look at your bucket list?

Wait. . .what?? You DO have one right? If not, what better time to create one as we draw this year to a close and look forward to new possibilities?

Creating a bucket list (aka, things to do before your life here on earth is over) helps us put in to words what we want to explore, experience, achieve and focuses our reason for existing beyond every day responsibilities and mundane tasks.

A bucket list should be things that are a bit of a stretch. 'Catch up on the laundry', while it may seem a feat of great accomplishment, does NOT belong on your list. What places entice you to visit? What is something you would give anything to learn? What would fill you with utter JOY? What would break your heart if you didn't get to do it/see it/be it/learn it in this lifetime? Write it down!

Ask yourself: does it excite and inspire me? If not, it has no place on your list. Years ago I had listed 'run a 5k' on my list. One day, as I was looking at that item with a feeling I can only describe as near dread, I thought to myself. . .'what the hell?' While I am decent at running I truly have no desire or inspiration to do this, WHY is it on there? Boom, delete, gone. If I change my mind at a later date I can still run a damn race. Your dreams are there to serve you, to INSPIRE you with joy, not dread.

Think inspiration, not obligation, when constructing your list.

Your bucket list should be ever evolving. Your dreams change, life changes, you change. I like to keep 'raising the stakes' on my list. I crossed off 'Tea at The Plaza Hotel in NYC' a few years back after a lovely afternoon with my NY friend Lex. I recently added 'stay at The Plaza Hotel' to the list. I also added Iceland as a destination to visit after watching a series set there. There is joy in not only completing but also discovering new ventures.

Once you have a decent and evolving list, pencil next to the items a time frame for when you plan to accomplish them as well as what exactly needs to happen in order to complete the items on your list? Break it down. Do you need to save up x amount of money? Request vacation days? Sign up for a class? Apply for a passport? Research places to stay/eat? This is where your dreams begin to take shape and manifest! I am very visual so I like to create Pinterest boards to pull together ideas.

Lastly, I like to leave the completed items crossed off instead of deleting them. It reminds me of how far I have come and what I am capable of doing. Post the list where you can look at it regularly. A copy of my list is below. Create a list that serves and excites YOU.

List de seau
Download DOCX • 81KB

What is at the top of your bucket list? We only get one turn at this life. Go big.

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