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Mid Summer Survival List

Hot sun, salty surf, sand. Summer hosts a list of wonders but at some point they can begin to take a toll on you. Hair turns brittle and dull from too much UV light, feet start to dry and crack from too many days in flip flops, and even with meticulous use of sunscreen you can find yourself feeling a bit dry and flaky. Here are a few of my summer favorites that keep me feeling and looking presentable when the temps leave you wanting to do nothing but swing in a hammock.

Sun dried tomatoes are amazing this time of year, sun dried hair is not so amazing. Davines NouNou hair mask can return your hair to a glossy mane with just a couple of uses. Remember to wear a hat when you are in the sun as well. It beats having a parched head of hair and burn scalp. Locals can find the Davines line at The Living Room Salon and Spa.

Andalou Cooling Aloe Mint body lotion is exactly what your skin will crave after a day in the sun. The shea, cocoa butter and argan oils soak into sun weary skin. Whether you are rocking the pale, the self, or the real tan, skin always looks better when it is well hydrated!

Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash is ultra mild and is delicately scented with coconut. I admit that I am TERRIBLE about washing my face before bed so this lovely will give me some incentive to come clean.

What are some of your favorite products for summer skin and hair?

*I am not being remunerated by any of the above companies. My opinions and experiences using these products are my own.

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