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New Year, New You, Blah Blah Blah

You've seen it blasted a thousand times. Every. Single. New Year. This will be the year you do 'it', the year you 'change', the year you 'get it'. But it never is, is it? Those lofty goals which tend to look like: lose weight, stop avoiding the gym, cut out sugar, don't oversleep, stop spending so much money on lattes, clear out your closet, stop mindless scrolling. . . .

See the problem here? Stop, quit, lose,

don't, clear. . . . . So many of these 'goals' and aspirations are approached from a place of taking away. People, as a general rule, can be like toddlers when things are taken away. We get angry, we get frustrated, we can't see past what is being taken to see what the absence of said thing or action is aiming to get us in the end. We want to plop our butt on the ground, throw our sippy cup across the room, and scream. (Be careful throwing that cup, wine is notoriously hard to get out of carpet.)

After some thought, introspection, and a bit of meditation (which I am learning to LOVE), the word 'more' came to me for my word of the year. The word of the year idea was brought to me by some of my fabulous and dynamic friends (you know who you are) a couple of years ago and I fell in love with the idea.

One. Word. One word to propel your year forward, or more accurately, one word to propel your thinking which will then propel your life! Genius.

I began to think, what if instead of all of the cutting out and restricting of things, I focused on what I was adding in to my life? What if I crowded my life with so many things that were propelling me where I wanted to go that there was simply NO ROOM for what I was trying to get away from?

This is what that 'looks like' in my life:

-Instead of/do this:

-Eat less sugar/eat MORE vegetables (four servings a day being the aim).

-Stop avoiding the gym/add MORE movement i.e. yoga and pilates to my routine.

-Don't drink so many lattes/drink MORE green tea (4 times per week).

-Stop oversleeping/have a MORE consistent sleep schedule to have MORE energy.

-Stop mindless scrolling/write MORE-set a schedule on Sunday and be MORE disciplined.

-Clear out my closet/donate MORE to edit my wardrobe into one of my dreams.

Travel MORE




Learn MORE

Fill it up. Fill it all the way up. You know how when you eat an amazing meal and you are so full the idea of dessert, no matter how delicious it looks, makes you feel ill? This is the goal for your life. The dessert is tasty and a small bite isn't going to hurt anything (if you know me you know I am all about indulgences now and then) BUT, when the dessert is filling your life to the point that the main course takes a back seat. . .Houston we have a problem.

Fill it up with what you want and there will be little room for what you don't.

What will you add MORE of in to your life this year?

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1 Comment

Carla Howard
Carla Howard
Jan 17, 2022

Great blog, Jody!!! I love the idea of adding MORE to our lives vs. focusing on taking away. My word of the year is "Bliss"... soooo... If it's not a "Hell, YES!" in 2022, it's a "No". MORE BLISS, PLEASE!!! 💖 💃

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